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Easiest Yummiest Fruit Torte

This spring our plum tree exploded. It went from hard green little fruits to bursting off the branches fragrant and juicy and ready to pick. I panicked because I went from no plums to about 30 lbs of 'em in one weekend. Thankfully, my friend Kate, recommended I make the classic no-fail NYT Plum Torte recipe. And OH MY GOSH it was in-freakin-credible!!

I didn't get to play around with the plums much though (and yes, there are about 20 lbs of blitzed plums in my freezer still), but once peaches were in season, I revisited the recipe late this summer and it came out just as unctuous and fluffy and delicious!

From spring to summer, I made a few tweaks to the classic NYT recipe. Namely that to balance the sweet juiciness of the peaches in contrast to the tartness of plums, I added a teaspoon of almond extract to bring out a nutty sweet flavor in the cake.

The best part about this recipe? It's so maleable!
"The recipe wasn’t just popular; it was endlessly adaptable." …

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