Hi! I'm Megan (@meggsnbakon, though my friends tell me I should be @meggsntofu since I don't eat bacon). I moved to Los Angeles after graduating from CU Boulder with a degree in anthropology and was fortunate enough to study abroad in two amazing countries along the way: Tanzania and Nepal. It's on these journeys that my love of people, community, food, and exploration really took off and inspired me to seek out the adventures and relationships that are available around me.

Growing up in the Silicon Valley, I was always surrounded by innovation, change, and people that wanted to take risks; ironically, it took me leaving for college in a different state and traveling half-way around the world to realize that these were things I valued too. So here I am, creating a blog about the ways in which I find adventure, whether through food, through people, or through my own imagination. It sounds a little cheesy, but I think 'adventure' can mean so many things. It's not just Mount Everest or the Serengeti that capture our awe and give us a sense of adventure, but also the little book shops, local ramen bars, and public buses that have a charm and adventure too.

I hope my little adventures spark this same sentiment in you.

- Megan